A Collector of Secrets. Sir Balthazar Gerbier in cultural diplomacy and the arts.

In June 2015, The Victoria and Albert Museum was the setting for what I believe was the first ever gathering of historians at an event devoted exclusively to Gerbier: a Symposium at which his role in a wide range of fields could be re-examined. It was an immensely interesting two days, which demonstrated a high degree of interest in Sir Balthazar on the part of some very well-known scholars from diverse areas of historical research. And for me it could not have been a more exciting or rewarding event.

So why has it taken me so long to write about it – and indeed to add more to this website? Well, I’ve spent much of the time working on my house, and have at last completed two years of painting, paperhanging, carpentry and laying floors. And secondly, I was perhaps a little overwhelmed by the task. With so much to report, and so many possible directions for future research, where should I start?

After reflecting on the whole Gerbier project. I’ve re-designed the website, with a new theme and a clearer layout. (The previous theme had been discontinued, and I also wanted to dispense with the embedded texts that were far from easy to read.) More than twenty years-worth of notes, both digital and on paper, have been sorted through, and the intention is now to add information regularly to the website. The obvious place to begin is with a look back at the 2015 Symposium, which suggested several ways in which Gerbier studies might now progress. A full report can be found by clicking the link below:

A Collector of Secrets. Sir Balthazar Gerbier in cultural diplomacy and the arts.

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