Eer Ende Claght-Dicht

I’ve transcribed Gerbier’s first major published work, his tribute to Hendrick Goltzius, from one of approximately three surviving copies. The original is to be found in the British Museum’s Department of Prints and Drawings, and I am very grateful to them for their assistance in making available Gerbier’s text, which has not been reprinted since it appeared in 1620. I’m hoping it may be of interest to art historians, and have also written a Preface to it, in which I look at a few of the issues around the book. Both the preface and the transcript can be read by right-clicking on the links below, and opening the document in a new tab.

If you would like to read/download the Preface:
EECD Preface Feb 2012 c
If you would like to read/download the Eer Ende Claght-Dicht:
Eer Ende Claght Dicht by Balthazar Gerbier
I have tried to format the transcript in such a way that once downloaded it can – with cooperative printer software – be printed out in A4 ‘folded booklet’ format. It can then be read as a book of close to the original size.

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